The VYV Group, France's leading health insurance company, has established itself as an entrepreneur of the better life and intends to contribute, through its militant commitment, to the fundamental debates that run through society. Faced with the ageing of the population due to longer life expectancy, changes in family structure, the possibility of living longer and in better health, the question of the place of older people in society arises.

The VYV Group's mutual insurance companies are reflecting on the consequences of the loss of autonomy, developing health and social solutions and acting to make complementary health care accessible to pensioners. The VYV Group is committed to supporting and protecting everyone throughout their lives, particularly seniors, through a process of reflection that makes it possible to imagine tomorrow's solutions in the fields of prevention, retirement, financial protection, adapted housing, etc. To promote well-being in old age, the VYV Group offers, with VYV Care, the leading non-profit care and service operator, a nationwide network of more than 300 establishments, including 165 Ehpad and independent residences, aimed in particular at elderly people or those in dependent situations.


Supporting the elderly and their carers

The ageing of the population is a major challenge: in 2040, France is expected to have 10.6 million people aged 75 and over, 4.5 million more than in 2018. As a provider of care and support services, VYV Care is committed to meeting the needs of elderly people and their families and providing them with quality, innovative solutions adapted to the needs of each individual and the specific characteristics of each region.

Information, home support, care, support and accommodation: VYV Care invests in multiple fields of intervention, and constantly adapts its network of establishments and its range of services, either on its own or in partnership, to meet the challenges of ageing.

In particular, VYV Care develops many services aimed at preserving autonomy and promoting the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life of elderly people. In particular, in response to the needs of people over 60 years of age who wish to continue living at home for as long as possible, VYV Care also ensures that it provides the best possible support for heavy addiction when it occurs.