Chaired by Agnès BUZYN Minister of Solidarity and Health

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Gather researchers, companies, political decision-makers and users in order to tackle the different issues of a smart and inclusive city for the Seniors. 

Open to national ministers, government officials, local and regional political representatives and accompanying guests; high-level decision-makers from international organisations, intergovernmental bodies, actors and future actors in the Silver Economy as well as the general public (subject to availability).

The challenge of autonomy,
an opportunity for the territories

Wednesday 2nd october 2019

2:00 pm - 3:45 pm

International opened dialogue 

Political Debate

Sharing of experiences and good practices 

"The inclusion of Seniors in their territory"

Intervenants : Agnès Buzyn (ETAT), Marie-Anne Montchamp (CNSA), Luc Broussy (France Silver Eco)