En Mode Senior

Take part in the first inclusive event........

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This fisrt edition is dedicated to applications and perspective offered by artificial intelligence in the different fields of the senior's life in the city (health, self-sufficiency,  accomodation, urban planning, mobility...). The event is built around...

  • a general public day  in order to place users at  the very heart of reflections, 

  • a« Policy Forum »,

  • an international congress

  • business meetings and an exhibition 

  • Learning Expeditions to highlight innovations and local savoir-faire.


En Mode Senior proposes a global approach involving all the players of ageing well in self-sufficiency and good health. This event aimed the emergence of industrial and servicial innovations on the territory. It wants to tackle the ethical dimension of  AI 's omninpresence  in the senior's environnement and, in this way,  giving the keys of an innovation focused on the Human. 


  • Imagine and build together a city of a "High Human and Urban Quality", easy to reach, inclusive and attractive, respectful and rich of the elders

  • Give an overview of data, artificial intelligence and its appplications into perspective in the different areas of senior life in the city and territories.

  • To provide a forum for meetings and exhanges between research, companies, policy makers and users around the needs and challenges of a smart and inclusive city for seniors.

  • A unique opportunity  of visibility, benchmark and business for companies 

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...Dedicated to players and future players of the Silver Economy

  • The presentation of research advances in AI and Data, without forgetting the ethical dimension

  • A complete overview of the solutions and commercial offers related to the ageing

  • A networking opportunity to interact with the scientific, economic and political communities.

  • A business environnement for companies wishing to meet both users and prospects.