The Artificial Intelligence at the ageing well' service ; Myth or reality ?

The Artificial Intelligence and Datas permits to create an augmented health, where the course of self-sufficiency and global care is adapted to behaviours and senior's life habits. But these tools are not an end in itself ! They wont replace humain being and the importance of social link. 

Ethics rules must be established in order to ensure protection, confidentiality and free-will. 

The scientific congress "En Mode Senior" brings together researchers, data scientists, roboticians of international renown, specialist doctors, sociologists and philosophers, institutionnals, industrialists or great players of health and ageing which work on these issues and that will provide you the keys to understand, to accompany and to accept

Smart cities, smart home, connected objects, robots, applications... New technologies are entering increasingly the seniors' life.

Almost one French in five are 65 today, in 2050 it will be one french in three. 

Provide comfort, improve the quality of life, prevent accidents and diseases, supervise, help, treat, accompany... Technologies are developping at expontenial speed and offers ever-more services for ageing well and stay at home as long as possible. 

New technologies widen the scope of possibilities in taking care of seniors. Already put in practice in medical and health institutions as telemedicine and telediagnosis, they are developping now in cities and seniors' home with more and more data to be processed and more Artificial Intelligence.

Seniors are more ready to buy, to accept, and to use these new technologies in order to improve their daily lives. The three major expectations concern fields of self-sufficiency and health, security and  food without neglecting the communication, the mobility, leisures, and social link.

With these 5 round tables and these 3 symposiums, we will discover during 2 days the sphere of possibilities for a pleasant ageing and in good health.

Couple senior heureux

Ageing at home, innovate radically

Wednesday 2 october

4pm- 5.30pm

A fiirst round table with notably Professor  Cédric Annweiler, a discret hero as he had been called in Paris Match, manager in Geriatrics at the CHU d’Angers and founder of Allegro, the first hospitable geriatric Living Lab of France and  Nadia Frontigny, Vice-President Care Mangement at ORANGE HEALTH CARE and Corps des Mines Engineer to talk about innovation. Which innovations  for which compensations ? Compensate, substituate, reinforce... Invisible innovations, visible, intrusive... do these innovations substitute to social link, human being... Do they complete themselves ?    Through illustrations , notably the territory project of the Mauges sur Loire municipality, shared analysis, we will answer to the 90% of French people, who want to live and aging at home.

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Prevent or predict,

the data's reign

Thursday 3 october

9.30am - 10.30am

Despite their numerous limitations, Big Data and "Machine Learning" promise to calculate us, to analyse us, to predict guess with more and more acuity our state of mind and our behaviour.  How are we going to intervene, from analysis to action. At the time when health's applications, self-sufficiency, security, mobility are growing, where data sensors are everywhere... What does exists, how does it works, where are we headed ? To this end, we gather around a round table, which promise to be exciting and enthousiatic, notably for Professor Emmanuel Andres, a precursor of prediction at the  CHU de Strasbourg, David Delerue CEO d’ALICANTE and Hassan ESSAFI of the CEA

Couple heureux personnes âgées.

AI : Which benefits for seniors ?

Thursday 3 october

2pm - 3.30pm

Smart city, smart home, data's reign, technologic innovations... How making sense for Senior ? With the illustration of IBM works and the look of Professor Jean-Claude COALLIER  from the Sherbrooke University facing actions realities and programmation set up by the ARS des Pays de la Loire and the Conseil Départemental du Maine et Loire. To what extend our seniors are ready to adopt these innovation ? Which nominal values, which costs and which advantages ?

Benjamin ZIMMER  from Silver alliance.

Man Utilisation de Smart Tablet

Smart city, Smart Home... Smart Life ?

Thursday 3 october

11am - 12.30pm

With Professor Anthony Tallefait from Angers'University and professor, Jean-François Auby -Sciences Po, this third round table which question us on the place of human being in tomorrow's city. Cities where home will be smarts and in which we promise to our senior a life more autonomous, safe and soft.