Closing Conference - David Gruson,

Founder of Ethik -IA


English Version


Thursday 3rd october 2019

6-00pm - 7-30pm

The artificial intelligence and data-driven drive are opening up major opportunities for improving quality and efficiency in responding to the challenges of ageing. This intervention will present these concrete avenues for improvement and address the challenges of positive AI regulation in the management of ageing in the context of the revision of the bioethics law.


David Gruson, Founder of Ethik - IA

Member of the exectutive committee of the Chaire Santé  ScPO Paris
Docteur en droit de la santé et titulaire d'un troisième cycle de technologies d'information et la communication

Former student of the Ecole Nationale d'Administration and the Ecole des hautes études en santé publique, David GRUSON, 39, has held several senior positions in the fields of public policy and health. In particular, he has served as advisor to the Prime Minister in charge of health and autonomy, as director general of the CHU de La Réunion and as general delegate of the Fédération hospitalière de France. From an academic point of view, he has specialized, since his doctorate in health law and his DEA in information and communication technology, on the issues of digital transformation of our health system. He is a member of the Executive Board of the Sciences Po Paris Health Chair. He founded the Ethik IA initiative aimed at the deployment of positive regulation of artificial intelligence and robotization in health. He co-authored the diligent working group on these issues by the National Ethics Advisory Board in the context of preparing the 2018 Bioethics Law Review.  He is the author of : S.A.R.R.A. an artificial  intelligence, first bioethics polar on healthy AI released in June 2018 ;