CONGRESS- 2 & 3 october - Angers Congress Centre

The artificial Intelligence En Mode Senior

Artificial intelligence will play an increasingly  important role in the lives of seniors. Monitoring health and activity, geo tracking, alerting relatives in the vent of an incident, helping with daily tasks, protecting against loneliness… But what role will it play tomorrow? What place for the Human Being? What are the ethical issues? Should we fear any drift in terms of data confidentiality?


With experts, researchers at the forefront of innovation from all over the world, elected "disruptors"  politicians  and industrialists in the field of smart housing, health, autonomy and services... The objective of this international congress is to know the stakes to give the keys and accompany this mutation towards a society where artificial intelligence is omnipresent. We will question the ethical dimension (data access, "Big Brother", freedom of choice...), illustrate with an already impressive existing  (IBM, MICROSOFT, SCHNEIDER…) and understand how  to radically innovate for a happy active and healthy ageing.

Your registration includes: 

- The exhibition

- Congress' Sessions

- The onferences

- The Network evening at the Angers Congress Centre. 

To put into perspective the data, the artificial inteligence and its applications in differents fields of senior's life, in the city and territories. 


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Ageing well at home, innovate radically

  • Cédric ANNWEILER (CHU d'Angers)

  • Nadia FRONTIGNY (Orange Health Care)

  • Thierry Beaudet, psdt Vyv

  • Dr Michaela Black, Ulster University

  • MIDAS Project (Meaningful Integration of Data Analytics and Services)

  • Dr Ana Carriazo, Ministry of Health, Andalucia - Andalucian Electronic Health Record and integration of 3rd Party applications

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Prevent or predict, the data's reign

  • Emmanuel ANDRES (CHRU Strasbourg)

  • David DELERUE (CEO Alicante)

  • Hassan ESSAFI (CEA)

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Smart cities, smart home… Smart life ?

  • Antony TAILLEFAIT (Université Angers)

  • Jean-Bernard AUBY (Sciences Po Paris)

  • Jean-Claude COALLIER (Université de Sherbrooke)

  • Nathalie BIER (Université de Montréal)


Artificial Intelligence : Which benefits for Seniors ?

  • Jean-Claude COALLIER (Université de Sherbrook)

  • Laurence Browaeys(ARS)

  • Benjamin ZIMMER (Silver Alliance)


Robots & Cie ?

Dominique LETOURNEAU (Fondation de l'Avenir)